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Sweet and savoury latkes – Chanukah

These sweet and savoury latkes are mini-sized and baked, making them cute and crispy. They are oil-free so they are healthier for our bodies. Serve with apple sauce for a sweet latke and/or with the sour “cream” for a savoury latke. Make 2 batches of this recipe so you do not run out! Extras can […]

latkes baked

Baked latkes – Chanukah

In a world of latke recipes here’s what makes this one special – baked, not fried! We’ve been enjoying these this with some vegan sour cream. Recipe from the Shannons.  


Easy potato latkes – Chanukah

Latkes are traditionally eaten during Chanukah. The oil for cooking the latkes is reminiscent of the oil that miraculously kept the Second Temple’s Ner Tamid lamp lit with its continuously-burning flame.


Mayim Bialik’s sufganiyot (jam doughnuts)

A lovely, easy and fun to make treat for Chanukah! These doughnuts are best when served immediately, but they can be stored in airtight containers overnight.


Beetroot latkes – Chanukah

The trick to getting the perfect crispy texture is to remove all of the liquid; using a salad spinner to remove the liquid is an awesome, quick way to do this. I also use a food processor to do my grating; I’ve lost enough of my fingers that I prefer it, even if my dad […]

Nush Cheesecakes

Mini chocolate cheesecakes

Tasty treats from Nush.


Cheesy potato rounds – for Shavuot

This recipe is from Violife.


Potatoes arrabbiata – for Pesach

This recipe is from the Jewish Chronicle. Why make gnocchi when you can crush baby potatoes instead?


Vegan parsnip tahini spread – for Pesach

This recipe is from the Jewish Chronicle. Enjoy this rich and creamy vegetable spread during Passover this year – there’s an Ashkenazi version for those avoiding kitniyot.


Harissa aubergine salad (ajlouk) – for Pesach

This recipe is from the Jewish Chronicle. Spice it up with this vegan-friendly Tunisian aubergine favourite.

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