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Winter – lemony spiced lentil & chickpea soup with coriander dressing

This delicious recipe is from Rebel Recipes by Niki Webster is published December 26th (Bloomsbury, RRP £26). Photos: Kris Kirkham.

Aubergine and pomegranate salad 1a

Aubergine & pomegranate salad

I love this combination of fresh pomegranates and smoky aubergine. This salad is so useful ~ enjoy on its own, as part of a buffet, definitely perfect for Shabbat lunch. Recipe by Denise Phillips, Professional Chef & Cookery Writer.


Rainbow root slaw

This is a fantastic colourful side dish in which the glossy dressing makes the colours really shine. The vegetables can be changed for any you prefer – try kohlrabi or celeriac – and the apple could be swapped for a pear. You can use the dressing for other dishes – the mixture of sweet citrus […]

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Pesach: Matzoh ball soup

It just wouldn’t be Pesach without matzo ball soup. This modern version includes a mineral rich broth and light vegan matzo balls. Complete this recipe in three easy steps: – Preparing the broth – Making the baked matzo balls – Composing the soup Kindly contributed by Kenden Alfond from Jewish Food Hero.

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Kneidlach recipe from ‘Oy Vey Vegan’ by Estee Raviv

Oy Vey Vegan: Vegan Cuisine with a Mediterranean Flair is a journey into the wide world of plant-based foods. Estee Raviv has created recipes for vegan meals with a curiosity for new flavours combined with old ones–further perfected with a Mediterranean flair and enhanced by her Jewish Eastern European heritage. Estee has a fresh take on all […]


Creamy Mushroom Soup, (without the cream!)

A wonderfully easy soup to make that transforms basic store cupboard ingredients in to a sumptuous, velvety soup – perfect for autumn/winter.

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Roasted tomato soup with pesto croutons

A wonderful winter warmer, this soup is packed full of flavour and goodness. Recipe by Sacla’. Established in 1939, Sacla’ is still a family owned and run business based in Piedmont, north-west Italy.  Sacla’ are the original Pesto Pioneers, with a huge number of Italian recipes all made in Italy by Italians, for Italians. As well […]


Sa’lata shooendar: Beetroot salad with pomegranate molasses and sesame seeds

Pomegranate molasses, made by reducing and concentrating the juice of pomegranates, adds a delicious, slightly tart flavour to savoury stews and salad dressings. It’s available in most Middle Eastern stores, but comes in various densities, so the exact amount needed will depend on the thickness of your molasses. This salad will keep for up to 3 days in […]


Sopa de avikas: White bean soup with tomatoes and chilli

Similar to the well-known Greek fassolada, this soup was  adopted by Jews all over Greece, who often served it for the Sabbath lunch, since it could be cooked very slowly overnight. This recipe comes from Thessaloniki, where they like to spike the soup with chilli. It is usually made with large white beans called gigantes. If they are […]


Tu B’Shvat: Tomato & pomegranate Salad

Don’t miss the other Tu b’shvat recipes on our website, each using of the seven species. Find out more about the festival of Tu b’shvat, the near year for the trees by clicking here. A refreshing and delicious way to incorporate pomegranate, one of the seven species in  your tu b’shvat meal / seder. Recipe by […]

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