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Miso Dashi Broth

Miso dashi broth

This broth, from the wonderful Isa Chandra Moskowitz whose website Post Punk Kitchen is full of mouth-watering vegan recipes, forms the base of her exquisite Grilled Ramen recipe. Dashi, if you’re not familiar, is the deeply umami Japanese broth used to make ramen. Traditionally, it’s made with some fishy ingredients. Literally. Here, we’re simply making a veggie broth, with […]


Sweet potato coconut soup

Recipe by Kenden Alfond, creator of Jewish Food Hero. If you like this recipe, you’ll love The Jewish Food Hero Cookbook: 50 Simple Plant Based Recipes For Your Holiday Meals


Creamy Mushroom Soup, (without the cream!)

A wonderfully easy soup to make that transforms basic store cupboard ingredients in to a sumptuous, velvety soup – perfect for autumn/winter.


21st Century Salad

This up-to-the-minute salad is full of fantastic flavours and good-for-you ingredients, helping to take you towards your 10-a-day total for fruit and veg. It’s great for vegans and vegetarians too. Brought to you by Pura Coconut Oil.


Bittersweet Salad

Recipe courtesy of Yotam Ottlolenghi, taken from Plenty (Ebury Press, £26), an exclusive collection of vegetarian recipes.

mazza ball soup (1)

Pesach: Matzoh ball soup

It just wouldn’t be Pesach without matzo ball soup. This modern version includes a mineral rich broth and light vegan matzo balls. Complete this recipe in three easy steps: – Preparing the broth – Making the baked matzo balls – Composing the soup Kindly contributed by Kenden Alfond from Jewish Food Hero.

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