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Miso Tasty Soft Tofu - Chili Turmeric Scramble Tofu Nov 202010288 1

Chilli turmeric tofu scramble

This tofu scramble is, we must say, even better than actual scrambled eggs! Creamy, soft tofu pieces are lifted up by the brighter turmeric tones, the tofu stays moist and quick to take on the aromatic spices. This is a super easy dish that you will repeat again and again, great for a quick but […]


Levant-spiced barbecued cauliflower

This dish has lots of components and so takes a little time to prepare, it is full of flavour, spiked with a typical Middle Eastern blend of spices. Recipe from ‘Mildred’s Vegan Cookbook’ by Dan Acevedo and Sarah Wasserman, published by Mitchell, photography by Matt Russell.

spiced roasted carrots

Spiced roasted carrots

A real treat of a recipe from Building Feasts… As we catapult our way into shorter days, I like to preserve all the remaining hues of warm sunshine with a little multi-colour action in the kitchen and on our plates. These days you will be sure to find me greedily grabbing all the bunches of […]


Epic cornbread

This recipe is from Violife.

mexican veggie roll-up

Mexican veggie roll ups

This recipe is from Violife.  

quinoa tabouleh

Quinoa tabouleh

This recipe is from the newly released Vegetables for breakfast. If you like, cook the quinoa — or prepare the whole dish — the night or day before and store it in the fridge.

Purple daikon salad from Vegetables for breakfast

Purple daikon corn salad

This recipe is from the newly released Vegetables for breakfast. 


Cheesy potato rounds – for Shavuot

This recipe is from Violife.


Peri Peri pea falafel with tahini dressing

This recipe, perfect for summer, is from Yes Peas!


Lentil salad with mango chutney

This recipe is from Violife.

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