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Purple potato frittata

A tasty autumn treat from Violife.

Nush Thai Green Curry

Thai green veggie curry

An easy to make, colourful, fresh and tasty curry from Nush.


Levant-spiced barbecued cauliflower

This dish has lots of components and so takes a little time to prepare, it is full of flavour, spiked with a typical Middle Eastern blend of spices. Recipe from ‘Mildred’s Vegan Cookbook’ by Dan Acevedo and Sarah Wasserman, published by Mitchell, photography by Matt Russell.


Vegetable bolognaise

A healthy, delicious vegan version of the classic favourite, spaghetti bolognaise. Recipe from The Food Effect, written by Dr Michelle Braude.

mexican veggie roll-up

Mexican veggie roll ups

This recipe is from Violife.  


Buddha bowl with chipotle cauliflower and pea hummus

This recipe is from Yes Peas!

epic mac

EPIC mac and cheese with broccoli – for Shavuot

This recipe is from Violife.


Spinach and sun-dried tomato toastie – for Shavuot

This recipe is from Violife.


Cheesy potato rounds – for Shavuot

This recipe is from Violife.


Spinach risotto

This recipe is from Violife.

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