Quick guide to veganising your Seder plate

Remember, the Seder plate is symbolic and is there to help us remember parts of the Pesach (Passover) story.  We can, therefore, happily replace items on the Seder plate without contravening Jewish law. Here’s how to Veganise your Seder plate: Maror (Bitter Herb): Use horseradish, which is already vegan, and symbolizes the bitterness of slavery. […]

Post Pesach FND

Post-Pesach Friday Night Dinner

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Three-course Friday night dinner

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Vegan & Environmental news – 4/10/23

Happy Sukkut to you all! News: Our friends at Sadeh, the Jewish farm based at the historic Skeet House in Kent are fundraising.  Please support them if you can to help them continue the amazing work they do. Environmental campaigner who shaped the Jewish community response to climate change dies at 91 – Read at […]

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Vegan & the environment news of the week – 27th Sept 2023

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Vegan News of the Week – 15th Sept 2023

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Vegan news of the week – 5th Sept

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Dan's Challah

Dan’s challah recipe

Monsoon mess

Monsoon mess


Quick and easy vegan hamantaschen

This hamantaschen recipe shouldn’t take you more than 1 and 1/2 hours to make.  Many recipes online are overly complicated with lots of ingredients.  We’ve tested this recipe courtesy of Vegan Atlas.  The biscuit base works with any filling you’d like.  Try peanut butter, different jams or even chocolate spread!  Just make sure your filling […]

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