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Chanukah and Vegetarianism

By Richard Schwartz, from Many connections can be made between vegetarianism and the Jewish festival of Chanukah: 1. According to the Book of Maccabees, some Maccabees lived on plant foods to “avoid being polluted like the rest” when they hid in the mountains to avoid capture. 2. The foods associated with Channukah, latkes (potato pancakes) […]

Crudité garden by Celia Clyne Catering

The vegetarian option is no longer the short straw when it comes to simchah catering – The Jewish Chronicle

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Caramelised onion quiche


Sweet white miso apple crumble


Kung pao tofu

This is the classic spicy dish from Sichuan in China, Kung Pao Chicken, but a vegan version using tofu instead of chicken. There are many variations to this dish and you can play about with the vegetables and heat it to suit your mood and personal taste. We like it really spicy so go heavy […]

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