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Faith-based foodies don’t stop at kosher or halal in search of sustainable eating

‘Increasingly, religious food producers and consumers are on the hunt for food that is “eco-halal” or “eco-kosher”–a burst of interest that leaders and scholars attribute to growing Interest in animal agriculture as it relates to food justice and climate change.’ Read the full article from Religion News Service featuring the voices of Rabbi Arthur Waskow […]

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JVS to host eco market on 10th July 2022

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Introducing ‘Starting Over’ – an animal rehabiliation sanctuary in Israel


New campaign launches, informing the Israeli public: “Shavuot isn’t a dairy holiday.”

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Calls for Glastonbury to endorse the Plant Based Treaty

‘We are asking vegan Mayor Jon Cousins to table a motion for Glastonbury to endorse the Plant Based Treaty. Glastonbury would be the first UK town to support the Plant Based Treaty, joining 16 cities around the world including Boynton Beach (Florida), Rosario (Argentina) and Ahmedabad (India). We believe a petition that shows Mayor Jon Cousins […]

Fruit and veg in a heart shape

Petition: Change the law to prevent the sales of live animals in pet stores

Fruit and veg in a heart shape

Meet the the meat and dairy farmers who are going vegan


‘School with UK’s first vegan kitchen says plant-based menu has lured new pupils to join’ iNews




Asparagus with zesty breadcrumbs

Recipe by Hanna Geller of Building Feasts. ‘I have so much to say about my love of asparagus, but on my 9000th attempt to write an intro to this recipe, I seem to be falling short in the eloquence department (some days/weeks are like that). So, without the usual pre-amble, please, just make this dish […]

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