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Discover the ways in which Judaism and veganism can be two intersecting paths…
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An often overlooked mitzvah: Tsa’ar ba’alei chaim – by Richard Shwartz

While tsa’ar ba’alei chaim (the mandate not to cause “sorrow to living creatures”) is a Torah prohibition, many religious Jews seem to not be applying it in their lifestyles. Some examples reinforce this assertion: ·      Upon reading an article about my efforts to get Jewish teachings on animals onto the Jewish agenda, a member of […]

Ten reasons for restoring and transforming the ancient New Year for Animals – by Richard Schwartz

I am working with several Jewish organizations and individuals to restore the ancient and largely forgotten Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana L’Ma’aser BeHeima (New Year’s Day for Tithing Animals) and to transform it into a day devoted to considering how to improve our relationships with animals. The holiday occurs on the first day of the […]


Restoring and transforming an ancient Jewish holiday related to animals by Richard Shwartz

The current widespread mistreatment of animals on factory farms is very inconsistent with Judaism’s beautiful teachings about compassion to animals. One way for Jews to respond to these inconsistencies is to restore and transform the ancient, and largely forgotten, Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana L’Ma’aser B’heima (New Year’s Day for Tithing Animals) into a day […]

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Book Review – Vegan Revolution: Saving Our World, Revitalizing Judaism

2020 has been a unique year of challenges: coronavirus, climate change, human and animal suffering on a global scale, social justice issues…  And yet, amidst all these difficulties, one voice stands out with a solution which, if adopted, could be a roadmap to better solutions. Solutions that are both ancient and wise. Where the twin […]

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