Jewish Veganism

Discover the ways in which Judaism and veganism can be two intersecting paths…
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Rabbi Robyn Ashworth-Steen

A return to Eden: Jewish clergy from across the world and the denominational spectrum reflect on their veganism

Photo: Rabbi Robyn Ashworth-Steen Article by: Kohenet Yael Tischler Many people speak of transformative experiences in spiritual settings, but when Rabbi Robyn Ashworth-Steen was at last December’s Hamakom silent retreat, she recounted the following revelation: We had just had a session on mindful eating from Rabbi Sheila Weinberg. I sat down at lunch and was […]


The whole world has a song… The universe according to Perek Shira

By: Kohenet Yael Tischler   Have you ever been plagued by the question, “What does the fox say?” Perek Shira, an ancient Jewish text, has the answer. In fact, it has the answer about many different creatures, as well as plants and other wonders of nature. Perek Shira imagines that every element of our ecosystem […]


El pan de siete cielos – the bread of the seven heavens: Reclaiming a Salonikan Shavuot tradition the vegan way!

There’s a famous Talmudic saying: אֵין קֶמַח, אֵין תּוֹרָה Ein kemach, ein torah If there’s no flour, there’s no Torah. – Pirkei Avot 3:17 In other words, how can we even begin feeding our minds, if we haven’t yet fed our bodies? I’ve known this saying for a while, but what I didn’t learn until […]


Once, there were unicorns…

Once, there were unicorns. Long ago, when we were desert wanderers, G-d/dess instructed us to make a portable sanctuary, so that S/he could dwell amongst us: וְעָ֥שׂוּ לִ֖י מִקְדָּ֑שׁ וְשָׁכַנְתִּ֖י בְּתוֹכָֽם׃ And let them make Me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them. – Exodus 25:8 The instructions S/he gave were detailed – an […]

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