Jewish Veganism

Discover the ways in which Judaism and veganism can be two intersecting paths…

Books by Professor Richard Schwartz

Read Richard Schwart’z book, ‘Jewish Vegetarianism’ for free online by clicking here. Read his book ‘Judaism and Global Survival’ by clicking here.      


Addressing the dilemma of being a tefillin-wearing Vegan

‘Being a Jewish vegan is generally fairly easy to do: keeping kosher is simpler, one’s relationship to animals and the planet is richer, and the cost of feeding a family can be lower as well. My wife, Shoshana, and I became vegan on our wedding day, over a decade ago, and it’s been one of […]

JC 27 Jan 2021 Help for Haimishe vegans

Help for haimishe vegans – it’s all kosher

Hints and hacks for Friday night and everyday dining from the Jewish Chronicle’s Victoria Prever in this, the second splash of the month on Jewish veganism. Looking for more information? See our recipe section and our special section on Jewish veganism. Learn how to make vegan challah. Why not try this recipe for chopped living?


A kinder kosher – Jewish Chronicle feature on kosher veganism

In a double-page spread on veganism, the Jewish Chronicle this week explores what it takes to be kosher and vegan: ‘Are you contemplating life without lokshen soup or an egg-less Pesach? Veganism is growing in popularity, so you’re in good company. Veganuary — the charity that promotes a plant-based lifestyle at the start of each […]

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