We curate web resources designed to help the public lead a compassionate, cruelty-free life.

View our archived copies of the JVS’s popular magazine.

Hear from some important Jewish vegan voices about their own personal journeys.

Over time we’re building up resource guides for the Jewish festivals.

Videos you can watch giving you a background on the case for ethical eating.

If you’re in Golders Green, you can come visit our community library (by appointment).

Below are some of the books we have really enjoyed and would highly recommend:

Veganism and Judaism:

  • The Vision of Eden, by David Sears
  • Vegetarianism and the Jewish Tradition, Louis Arthur Berman
  • Judaism and Vegetarianism, by Richard Schwartz (and other titles by Richard Schwartz)
  • Rav Kook’s Vision of Vegetarianism and Peace, by Rav Kook and Michael Derfler
  • Jewish Veganism and Vegetarianism – Studies and New Directions, by Jacob Ari Labendz and Shmuly Yanklowitz

Jewish vegan / veg cooking

  • Hazana, by Paola Gavin
  • Mayim’s Vegan Table, by Mayim Bialik
  • The Vilna Vegetarian, by Fania Lewando
  • Ori Shavit’s vegan cookbook (currently only in Hebrew)
  • The Jewish Food Hero Cookbook: 50 Simple Plant Based Recipes, by Kenden Alfond
  • Feeding Women of the Bible – Feeding Ourselves – A Jewish Food Hero Cookbook by Kenden Alfond
  • Feeding Women of the Talmud – Feeding Ourselves, by Kenden Alfond
  • Beyond Chopped Liver – 59 Jewish Recipes Get a Vegan Health Makeover, by Kenden Alfond
  • The Jewish Cuisine – Jewish Recipes from around the world: Jewish Vegan Cookbook, by Andreas Jaffe


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