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Fermented Chilli and Celeriac

Fermented chilli and celeriac

Recipes created by Olia Hercules for Maldon Salt, part of the ‘Feel Good Food’ series running on Maldon Salt social media.

Showing you how to create extraordinary feel good food with Maldon Salt.

Photography by Maldon Salt.

You can use pretty much any vegetable that’s in season, using this brine and method. A pumpkin works well, it is a bit unusual but works beautifully. To speed things along I am dicing the celeriac and also using a splash of a brine from a ripe ferment. This celeriac can be used as a little pickle, a relish or even to cook with.

Fermented Chilli and Celeriac


1 celeriac

7 g Maldon salt

500 ml water

1 chilli, cut in half lengthways



To peel the celeriac, put it on the surface flat side down and then using a knife slice the skin off. Make sure to get rid off all the skin as it harbours soil and you don’t want that in your pickle! Give the peeled celeriac a wash and then slice into thin strips and then across into small dice.  Heat the water with the salt – to help dissolve it and then let it cool. Put the celeriac into a 1L jar and cover it with the brine, pop in the chilli. Cover with a lid. Leave in your kitchen for about a week, opening the jar lid whenever you remember. The celeriac is ready whenever it becomes slightly sour – taste it. When it tastes good, put it in the fridge to slow down the fermentation process.


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