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Charred Cabbage with Almond Cream and Spiced Salt

Charred cabbage with almond cream and spiced salt

This is a simple but also a very impressive and delicious dish that has place both on a weekday and a dinner party table. Recipes created by Olia Hercules for Maldon Salt, part of the ‘Feel Good Food’ series running on Maldon Salt social media. Showing you how to create extraordinary feel good food with […]


Sausage rolls

The first day of school is upon us, and Flora is sharing three dairy-free back-to-school inspired recipes to ensure your child’s lunchbox is envied on the playground.     Why not try this plant-based twist on a classic vegan ‘Sausage’ Rolls, each recipe is perfectly created to keep lunchtimes interesting.     All recipes swap out dairy butter for Flora 100% Natural Ingredients, […]

Cauliflower & Leek Filo Parcels 2

Curried cheesy cauliflower and leek filo tarts with cranberry sauce

British Leeks are at the height of their season right now – one of the few indigenous British vegetables to be at their best during the winter months.   This year British Leek Growers Association has teamed up with chef and social influencer Lucy Parker to create some new, delicious leek-based recipes.  They are all […]


Winter citrus roasted sprouts

Chef and sustainablity advocate James Strawbridge has created this Winter Citrus Sprouts recipe, aiming to inspire Brits to spruce up their sprouts. Better yet, they’re much more than just a side dish for your festive feast, you can even use them for brunch – simply serve on toast with watercress. James is also an ambassador […]


Charred BBQ sweetcorn with smoked salt, harissa and coriander butter

This recipe from Maldon Salt is a great addition to your summer BBQ.


Blackberry and thyme margarita – from Maldon Salt

An easy tasty treat from Maldon Salt using fresh blackberries and thyme, both easy to grow at home.


Padron peppers

A quick and easy recipe from Maldon Salt.

Potato Skewers _ credit _

Sesame, paprika and seaweed Jersey Royal skewers

Spring welcomes back the much-loved Jersey Royal new potato, a culinary staple and a must-have on every kitchen table.  The perfect all-rounder and essential ingredient is available each year from April to July.   Top tip: If you like your potatoes spicy, add a pinch of chilli flakes before roasting. An equal mix of vegan mayonnaise and […]


Black bean & Jersey Royal tacos

Spring welcomes back the much-loved Jersey Royal new potato, a culinary staple and a must-have on every kitchen table.  The perfect all-rounder and essential ingredient is available each year from April to July. With Britain’s newfound passion for home cooking and experimenting with recipes, Jersey Royals are set to feature on every kitchen table this […]

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Yorkshire puddings

A roast dinner staple and perfectly paired with a Nut Roast, these vegan Yorkshire Puddings are a guaranteed crowd pleaser and will be the accompaniment to any Sunday roast. Light and fluffy served best drenched in gravy! This recipe is made using Flora Original which is made from 100% natural ingredients, and: Certified vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free Delicious for […]

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