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Tu B’shvat: Balsamic roasted figs & shallots with herbed socca

Don’t miss the other Tu B’shvat recipes on our website, each using of the seven species. Find out more about the festival of Tu b’shvat, the near year for the trees here. A very special dish, which make figs the star of the show – and don’t miss the other recipes on our website, each using […]


Tu B’shvat: Mushroom barley soup

Don’t miss the other Tu B’shvat recipes on our website, each using of the seven species. Find out more about the festival of Tu b’shvat, the near year for the trees here. The secret to the thickness of this soup is the lima beans (aka butter beans). They are peeled and therefore disintegrate into the […]

Salted tahini 2

Salted tahini & almond butter smoothie bowl

Recipe from the wonderful Nana Bowls. NanaBowls is on a mission to create the world’s most delicious and nutritious smoothie bowls. A new kind of smoothie bowl…  – packed with protein, fibre and natural ingredients  – free from dairy, gluten and soy  – with no added sugars Read more about their ethos in a recent […]

Kung Pao Sauce - Ch 10- 4621 CROP (1)

Kung Pao Sauce

This sauce can be mild or super hot. Break one or two of the chillies for extra heat. Szechuan peppercorns are easily available in Asian stores or online. You can use the peppercorns in other Szechuanese dishes. If you can’t get hold of the peppercorns, you can get a good-quality chilli oil to finish the […]


Tenderstem broccoli sauteed with ginger, lime and tahini

I recently went to a lovely cookery demonstration at JW3 by Lara Smallman. One of my favourite dishes was spring greens with tahini and lime. I particularly loved the idea of using tahini paste. This recipe is inspired by hers, replacing the spring greens with tenderstem broccoli. It’s a delicious explosion of flavours. Feel free […]


Aubergine Mango Salad with Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

This vegan aubergine (eggplant in the US) and mango salad was inspired by both Yotam Ottolenghi’ s Soba noodles with aubergine and mango (from Plenty) and Smitten Kitchen’s Carrot Salad With Crisped Chickpeas. Roasted chickpeas make a delicious snack on their own and add a bit of crisp (and spice) to this salad. Feel free […]


Tahini & Lime Greens with Cinnamon Sweet Potato Mash

Tahini and fresh lime juice take basic greens to a new level, creating a stunning dish, with minimal effort. Enjoy with a bowl of cinnamon speckled sweet potato mash. By Lara Smallman


Yellow Cous Cous with Saffron, Turmeric & Almonds

At its finest, couscous should be a tender, fluffy, delicate affair – light grains of rolled wheat steamed and seasoned with whatever you fancy. This version is hand-rubbed with saffron and turmeric, studded with almonds and sultanas and feathered with spring onions. Author: From ‘Near & Far: Recipes inspired by home and travel’ by Heidi […]


Beet Pesto

 Recipe courtesy of International Year of Pulses. In December 2013, the United Nations General Assembly (UN) voted unanimously to declare 2016 the International Year of Pulses (IYP). Since 1959, the UN has dedicated special years and observances to promote international awareness and action on various topics. Throughout 2016 the Global Pulse Confederation (GPC) will celebrate, […]


Sweetcorn shakshuka

Recipe courtesy of Ori Shavit. Ori is a food journalist, blogger and animal rights campaigner. She publishes recipes on her blog, teaches vegan cooking classes and promotes veganism in Israel. You can read her ‘My Life as a Vegan’ interview by clicking here.

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