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Roasted Fig & Raspberry Tart

Roasted fig & raspberry tart with toasted almond crust

This is a quick, fuss-free, easily adaptable dessert, perfect to serve at a summer dinner party. The toasted almond and salt-kissed crust, maple roasted figs and fresh raspberries topped is an all-round hit. When figs are not available, try making it with roasted pears /nectarines / peaches / apricots. Recipe by Amy Chaplin, taken from […]


Salted Caramel Cake

An exciting alternative to honey cake, this indulgent dessert is the perfect way to round off your Rosh Hashanah meal. Recipe from the brand new book ‘Vegan The Cookbook‘ by Jean-Christian Jury, published in hardback by Phaidon, RRP £29.95.

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