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Mayim Bialik’s sufganiyot (jam doughnuts)

A lovely, easy and fun to make treat for Chanukah! These doughnuts are best when served immediately, but they can be stored in airtight containers overnight.


Sweet and savoury latkes – Chanukah

These sweet and savoury latkes are mini-sized and baked, making them cute and crispy. They are oil-free so they are healthier for our bodies. Serve with apple sauce for a sweet latke and/or with the sour “cream” for a savoury latke. Make 2 batches of this recipe so you do not run out! Extras can […]

The table is set for 80 guests

An egg-free Pesach – Jewish Chronicle

Increasing numbers of people are on the hunt for alternatives to eggs over Pesach, writes our Director Lara in the Jewish Chronicle. Whether you are steering clear because of an allergy, intolerance or ethics (mass cruelty is endemic in modern production), here are my top tips for a delicious and hassle-free, egg-free Pesach: Seder solution: […]

Katsu Burger

Tofu katsu burger

This is everything I love inside a burger – the crispy tofu is incredible! Huge crunches when you eat this. You don’t have to deep-fry the tofu; baking works just as well. Keep it gluten free by swapping the breadcrumbs, flour and bun for gluten free alternatives. Recipe excerpted with kind permission from the newly released Vegan 100 […]


Raw Chocolate ‘Cheesecake’ (for Passover / Shavuot)

This dessert is so creamy and rich that nobody ever guesses it is raw and vegan! It makes for the perfect indulgent centrepiece on Shavuot / Seder night or anytime during Pesach / the rest of the year. Recipe by Lara Balsam  


Yummy vegan challah

Yummy vegan Challah as made by Jemma at JVS popups, easy to make.

mazza ball soup (1)

Pesach: Matzoh ball soup

It just wouldn’t be Pesach without matzo ball soup. This modern version includes a mineral rich broth and light vegan matzo balls. Complete this recipe in three easy steps: – Preparing the broth – Making the baked matzo balls – Composing the soup Kindly contributed by Kenden Alfond from Jewish Food Hero.

JVS image - Aubergine Parcels

Pesach – aubergine parcels

These Aubergine Parcels are refreshingly simple to prepare and require no complex cooking skills!


Supermarket first: Sainsbury’s introduce meat-alternative section into meat aisles

Sainsbury’s will be the first UK supermarket to sell meat-alternatives next to the real deal Sainsbury’s to introduce a meat-alternative section into its meat, fish and poultry aisles. The new section will be trialled across 20 UK stores from 27th January. Plant-based products, such as vegetarian and vegan burgers, steaks, mince, and sausages will be available to […]


Veganism: the growing lifestyle choice

Article by Compost Direct Despite being held in a somewhat mocking regard in the past, veganism has undergone something of a miraculous transformation of late. Now, it’s nothing short of on-trend, understandable, and for many people, a wholly logical choice in the grand scheme of things. Veganism claims many benefits, ranging from personal health to […]

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