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Spiced crepes with coconut chutney & sweet onion chutney

This delicious recipe is from Rebel Recipes by Niki Webster is published December 26th (Bloomsbury, RRP £26). Photos: Kris Kirkham.

Deborah_Mushroom and Walnut Gardener’s Pie with Butternut Squash Topping02

Mushroom and walnut gardener’s pie with butternut squash topping for Pesach

A hearty main course for your Passover meal!   This dish contains kitniyot. Recipe from, with a few tweaks to make it Kosher for Passover.

Winter Pilau (c) David Loftus

Winter pilau with beetroot, cauliflower and coriander chutney

Every Indian auntie has a special pilau recipe that finds its way on to the table at celebrations, and it is often the subject of hushed-toned debate and competitiveness in kitchens and Hindu temples alike. ‘I think Asha uses MSG in hers,’ I once heard one auntie whisper. Now, pilau might sound humdrum, but with […]


Mac & Cheese

Recipe from Violife, the leading plant-based alternative to cheese.  

Sprout Nasi Goreng (c) David Loftus

Sprout Nasi Goreng

Sometimes, all you really want is something with the sort of filthy and delicious taste that I used to think only a good takeaway could provide – until I accidentally recreated it while writing this recipe. It’s fried rice, but not as you know it: smothered in unami-ific sauces and topped with shredded, marinated sprouts […]

Your First Vegan Lasagna_p196

Your first vegan lasagne – by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

If you’ve never made a vegan lasagne, this is where to start. Tofu ricotta, garlicky spinach and mush­rooms, and bursts of Kalamata olives . . . it’s so saucy that there’s no need to precook the noodles because they’ll cook right there in the casserole. Packed with flavour, so so easy, and possibly even better […]

Broccoli Mac and Cheese_p34

Broccoli Mac and Cheese – by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Mac and cheese. Let’s not waste time with formalities. This is obviously the first recipe you will be turning to, so no need to flip through the pages. It easily tops the list of things we can’t live without, right after oxygen and cat videos. So what’s up with vegan mac and cheese? The short […]

MORE PLANTS LESS WASTE by Max La Manna. Hodder & Stoughton 2019.

Spicy cauliflower walnut ‘meat’

Nowadays, it’s easy to walk into a supermarket and pick out an assortment of substitute meats, but they’re always wrapped in plastic so to keep a no-waste lifestyle going – we have to get creative. One day perhaps we will have a package-free aisle for all products in every food shop and supermarket around the […]

Rainbow Pie 1

Rainbow Pie

A beautiful showpiece dish from Jersey Royal Potatoes. Top tip: Vary the layering in this pie with different vegetables according to what is seasonal. Try: 500 g steamed and chopped spinach, squeezed of excess liquid and seasoned with a little nutmeg. Or 500 g cooked and roughly crushed peas.


Vegan cholent – serves 25 people

Designed by Dan Jacobs for our Shabbat Lunch – 23rd Feb 2019 There are many ways to prepare a cholent, this is a very simple method with minimal prep, and lots of flavour!

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