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Deborah_Mushroom and Walnut Gardener’s Pie with Butternut Squash Topping02

Mushroom and walnut gardener’s pie with butternut squash topping for Pesach

A hearty main course for your Passover meal!   This dish contains kitniyot. Recipe from, with a few tweaks to make it Kosher for Passover.

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Yorkshire puddings

A roast dinner staple and perfectly paired with a Nut Roast, these vegan Yorkshire Puddings are a guaranteed crowd pleaser and will be the accompaniment to any Sunday roast. Light and fluffy served best drenched in gravy! This recipe is made using Flora Original which is made from 100% natural ingredients, and: Certified vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free Delicious for […]


Spinach and sun-dried tomato toastie – for Shavuot

This recipe is from Violife.

Miso Tasty Firm Tofu - Sweet Soy Black Pepper Tofu Nov 202010213

Salt and pepper tofu

This classic dish is a doddle to recreate at home with just a few cupboard ingredients. Crispy, salty and moorish – this is a total crowd pleaser. The tofu is firm and juicy, and the oat flakes help to soak up all the punchy flavours – you’ll be chasing them around the plate for more! […]

Miso Tasty Soft Tofu - Roasted Peanut Tofu Curry Nov 202010251

Roasted peanut tofu

Curries love tofu, especially when the tofu is soft and springy – it can take on new flavours more quickly and easily, adding a creamy subtle sweetness to the dish. This toasted peanut recipe is really quick to pull together and a great base for adding other vegetables and proteins too. *For more recipes from […]

Miso Tasty Soft Tofu - Chili Turmeric Scramble Tofu Nov 202010288 1

Chilli turmeric tofu scramble

This tofu scramble is, we must say, even better than actual scrambled eggs! Creamy, soft tofu pieces are lifted up by the brighter turmeric tones, the tofu stays moist and quick to take on the aromatic spices. This is a super easy dish that you will repeat again and again, great for a quick but […]

Miso Tasty Firm Tofu - Baked Miso Tofu Rice Bowl Nov 202010180

Baked miso tofu rice bowl

This is an easy midweek meal when you want to use up bits you already have. Once the tofu is in the oven, steam the rice and gather your bits from your fridge raid to make this easy rice bowl different every time. Crunchy toppings like seeds and nuts also add an extra dimension to […]

Katsu Burger

Tofu katsu burger

This is everything I love inside a burger – the crispy tofu is incredible! Huge crunches when you eat this. You don’t have to deep-fry the tofu; baking works just as well. Keep it gluten free by swapping the breadcrumbs, flour and bun for gluten free alternatives. Recipe excerpted with kind permission from the newly released Vegan 100 […]

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Vegetable pie

Recipe from the newly released Storecupboard Vegan by Laura Veganpower and Sébastien Kardinal. Here are 300 easy, fast and inexpensive recipes that use ready-made vegan preparations, such as tofu sausages, smoked tofu, seitan, tempeh, soy steaks, vegan cheeses, and dairy-free yogurt as well as regular storecupboard staples like tins  of chick peas or beans, lentils, pasta, […]

Your First Vegan Lasagna_p196

Your first vegan lasagne – by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

If you’ve never made a vegan lasagne, this is where to start. Tofu ricotta, garlicky spinach and mush­rooms, and bursts of Kalamata olives . . . it’s so saucy that there’s no need to precook the noodles because they’ll cook right there in the casserole. Packed with flavour, so so easy, and possibly even better […]

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