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Israeli food tech company Jet-Eat makes vegan zero waste 3D printed steaks from plants

Written by Abbie Stutzer for LiveKindly.co, click here for the full story Jet-Eat is making vegan steak with 3D modeling technology The Israeli-based company is making vegan meat, specifically steaks, roasts, and stews, with the help of “proprietary meat 3D modeling, food formulations, and printing technology,” FoodIngredientsFirst reported. The animal-free meat has the look, feel, and flavor of other […]


First ever app to help you go vegan released on World Vegan Day after half of Brits say they’d take the plunge

A first of its kind mobile app to help people go vegan is being launched today after research showed half of Brits would consider becoming vegan. The Vegan Society has released the free VeGuide app – which is now available on Android and iOS devices – to mark its 74th birthday this World Vegan Day […]


Bristol is the vegan capital of the UK

Across the UK, people are spending more on vegan products, and plant based diets are trending more than ever online. Recent reports state a 360% increase in vegans in Britain between 2006 – 2016, and while some Brits take up the vegan lifestyle due to their beliefs on animal cruelty, research finds that nearly a […]

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Roasted tomato soup with pesto croutons

A wonderful winter warmer, this soup is packed full of flavour and goodness. Recipe by Sacla’. Established in 1939, Sacla’ is still a family owned and run business based in Piedmont, north-west Italy.  Sacla’ are the original Pesto Pioneers, with a huge number of Italian recipes all made in Italy by Italians, for Italians. As well […]


The Vegan Chef Institute Launches

Vegan cuisine will not have a great impact unless we create great chefs, writes one half of The Vegan Chef Institute, Day Radley: As a newbie vegan chef I expected to dive into a world where my fellow chefs adored their work; creating dishes with love, pushing back the boundaries of cruelty free food… how wrong […]


The Ethical Diamond Company – diamonds that don’t cost the world

‘Are Ethical Diamonds the same or different to diamonds you see on offer by most jewellers?’, we hear you ask. The truth is that they are both the same AND different. Whilst in the recent past, many companies have been promoting diamonds as ‘ethical’ when they are conflict-free, and/or cut and polished by adults working […]


Orit Ofir speaking in London on 7th October

Special event on 7th October *please note that this is not a JVS event. Tickets available here. Coming all the way from Israel (aka the vegan capital of the world), Orit Ofir (M Sc. R.D) is a Clinical Dietitian and Natural Nutritionist (N.D.). She is a leading advocate in Israel for vegan and plant-based diets, […]


BBC video asks: Is being vegan better for the environment?

‘An increasing number of people are choosing the plant-based diet and everyone has their own reason for doing it whether it’s for health reasons, to reduce animal cruelty or to protect the environment. But how environmentally-friendly is being a vegan? In this video we explore the impact some of the most popular vegan foods have […]


Sa’lata shooendar: Beetroot salad with pomegranate molasses and sesame seeds

Pomegranate molasses, made by reducing and concentrating the juice of pomegranates, adds a delicious, slightly tart flavour to savoury stews and salad dressings. It’s available in most Middle Eastern stores, but comes in various densities, so the exact amount needed will depend on the thickness of your molasses. This salad will keep for up to 3 days in […]


UK rail companies urged to provide vegan food onboard trains

Vegan Society campaign aims to increase number of plant-based offerings for passengers. UK train companies are being urged to improve their onboard catering for vegan passengers and offer more plant-based food and drink options. The Vegan Society is asking its thousands of members and supporters to contact rail companies and request that they expand their ranges of […]

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