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Ori Shavit is a food journalist, blogger and animal rights campaigner. She publishes recipes on her blog vegansontop.com, teaches vegan cooking classes and promotes veganism in Israel.

1. At roughly what age did you become vegan?

I became vegan at 39, much too late…

2. What made you become vegan?

After many years of eating everything and everyone without giving it a thought, a guy I met was patient enough to answer my questions about him being a vegan and opened my eyes to the horrible price other beings are paying for my selfish habits. I decided to change them for the sake of those pure animals.

3. What is your favorite vegan meal?

I love food so much so it’s a very hard question, but if I have to choose it would be Tofu Patties in Hot Tomato and Pepper Sauce.

4. Which is the best vegan restaurant you have been to?

In Israel it is definitely Nanuchka, the first restaurant in the world to become vegan over night after serving a Georgian menu full of meat and cheese.

5. Where is the most vegan-friendly place?

Berlin is one of the most vegan/vegetarian-friendly places I have been to, with many restaurants and a chain of vegan supermarkets. Today I can happily add Tel Aviv to this list with many restaurants serving great vegan menus.

6. What has been your worst experience as a vegan?

I didn’t have any – my life only got better!

7. Can you recommend any good vegan resources (cookbooks/guides/websites/etc.)?

I would recommend theveganwoman.com which offers stories, recipes and information from around the world.

8. What’s your “signature dish” (and can you give us the recipe)?

That would be my Lentil Patties that are made easily without eggs, just by grinding the soaked lentils with vegetables and herbs. Click here to see Ori’s tasty Sweetcorn Shakshouka recipe.

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