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Leaving out the lox – can Jewish food go vegan? Jewish Chronicle feature

As more people decide to go plant-based, we ask some Jewish vegans how easy they have found making the change. At your next kiddush or family tea, when everyone sits down to bridge rolls topped with egg mayonnaise, salmon, chopped herring and cream cheese, could you refrain from tucking in? Could you give up juicy […]


Brand new book Animalkind from Ingrid Newkirk explores who animals are

Animalkind Remarkable Discoveries About Animals and Revolutionary New Ways to Show Them Compassion by Ingrid Newkirk and Gene Stone features an absolute avalanche of new information about who animals are – smart, aware, and empathetic – and dispels old notions of animals as mere accessories for humans to use for their own pursuits. Studies show that animals […]

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PETA Founder Ingrid Newkirk on BBC

Victoria Derbeyshire talks to PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk about her organisation’s 40-year fight for animal rights, their shock-tactic protests and their celebrity campaigns. Ingrid talks about her new book Animalkind, how easy it is to go vegan, and her hopes for the new UK government, which she says could, post-Brexit, ban the import of foie […]


Opinion: Veganism is a core Jewish value

‘Veganism is not about renouncing Judaism. It is about challenging Judaism to follow through with its core morals and values regarding the sanctity of life, the compassion for one’s neighbor and breaking the cycles of violence that have been inflicted upon us throughout history.’ Click here to read the full piece on


Channel 4 screens ‘Meat the Family’

‘Four families make a big decision about their meat eating habits. After three weeks caring for farm animals at home, they choose if their animals will be saved or become dinner.’ Click here to watch episode 1.


Confessions of a slaughterhouse worker

About 100 million animals are killed for meat in the UK every month – but very little is heard about the people doing the killing. Here, one former abattoir worker describes her job, and the effect it had on her mental health. Click here to read the full story on the BBC.


Shamayim: Jewish Animal Advocacy is hosting their 7th annual retreat this February in California

Shamayim: Jewish Animal Advocacy is hosting their 7th annual retreat this February at the Brandeis-Bardin Campus in Simi Valley, California. You’re invited to be a part of this special Shabbat weekend filled with thought-provoking sessions about animals, veganism, and Judaism, along with kosher plant-based meals, and great company! Here’s a unique discount code you can use […]


Wagamama launches pioneering vegan tuna made from watermelon

Wagamama today becomes the first major UK restaurant brand to launch the innovative vegan dish – watermelon tuna. The dish will be featured during Veganuary and showcases wagamama’s wide ranging, distinctive and flavoursome vegan menu. Last year pan asian restaurant wagamama launched the world’s first vegan egg to critical acclaim. This year they wanted to […]


Plant Powered Starter Kit released

The Plant Powered Starter Kit, a new guide covering the fundamentals of the plant-based way of life, is now available to read online here. The Starter Kit consists of plenty of links to some great resources, providing a wealth of information, support and guidance as well as some useful advice to help guide everyone through […]


‘Kosher food is an opportunity for vegans’

‘Learning a bit about Jewish dietary laws can help unlock vegan options you might never have known existed’ writes Abby Seitz. Click here for the full story on

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