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Update on our new centre

Our eagerly awaited, brand new community hub, the first Jewish, vegan centre in the world is just weeks away from completion. Click here to read full updates and see an artist’s impression of the finished space (NB piano not included!). Our new online booking system and venue hire brochure will be released soon, as well […]


BBC Inquiry: Can we eat our way our of climate change?

“Many scientists think we can’t tackle climate change without addressing what we eat”. BBC World Service looks at moving the world towards a more climate-friendly diet in this podcast featuring Impossible Foods founder Patrick Brown. A plant-based diet has many benefits for our planet, from preservation of biodiversity, to a far more sustainable use of resources, and […]


New, free online plant-based parenting course launches

Ever wondered… How do I make eating this way easier for my family? Will my kids get enough vital nutrients like protein and b12? How do I handle outside social situations like birthday parties and eating at restaurants? Do vegans really need to take supplements? How to get all the benefits of this diet while […]

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Veg-friendly caterers: Our favourites

More and more people are looking for caterers that can wow all of their guests, not just the carnivores! All too often, those opting out of animal products have drawn the short straw. Things are certainly changing -as the Jewish Chronicle’s food editor Victoria Prever writes about here. Below is our pick of the best veg […]


5 synagogues in the US to go vegan

Five U.S. synagogues will receive “incentive and educational support” from The Synagogue Vegan Challenge, created in partnership with VegFund, the Shamayim V’Aretz Institute announced in a press release today.  The five finalists are New York City’s Romemu (Rabbi David Ingber); Denver’s Congregation Rodef Shalom (Rabbi Rachel Kobrin); OHEL (Rabbi David Paskin) in Boca Raton, Florida; Agudath Jacob (Rabbi Ari Hart) in Skokie, […]


JVS response to JW3’s decision to add meat to menu of their restaurant Zest

JW3 recently announced their decision to add meat to the menu of their restaurant Zest. JVS contacted both the Jewish Chronicle and the Jewish News to offer a different perspective. Below is a summary of our thoughts on the matter. Why are we still serving up cruelty? Worse still, why are we celebrating it? JW3 […]


List of kosher approved vegan ‘cheeses’

Curious about dipping your toe in the world of vegan cheeses? KLBD Kosher Certification has kindly compiled this list. It is great to see so many compassionate products certified as kosher. For those wanting to make their own, there are great recipes for homemade vegan cheese online, and we would highly recommend these two books: ‘This […]


Vegans Give Shavuot a New Taste

In Israel, growing numbers of people are avoiding dairy—the basis for many of the holiday’s famous recipes. So chefs are creating new recipes that everyone can enjoy, writes Flora Tsapovsky in Tablet Mag, click here to read the full story.


Shavuot: The perfect time to cut out meat

Richard Schwartz writes about applying Torah values to our diets. The president emeritus of Jewish Veg argues that this holiday is the perfect time to cut out meat. Because Shavuot is z’man matan Torateinu (the commemoration of the giving of the Torah), many religious Jews stay up the entire first night of the holiday to discuss Torah teachings. […]


Top tips to celebrate a vegan Shavuot – Jewish Chronicle

There’s no need to skip the Shavuot party if you don’t do dairy, writes Victoria Prever. Here in the UK, Lara Balsam, Director of the Jewish Vegetarian Society, herself a vegan, says that it’s far easier nowadays to find good vegan alternatives to traditional dishes : “Enjoying a vegan Shavuot has never been easier or tastier. […]

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