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Kashrut traditions and the ethical dimensions of food consumption

Can we revive kashrut back to its initial purpose of being a spiritual vehicle for justice & for expanding our moral consciousness? – asks Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz, founder of The Shamayim V’Aretz Institute. Click here to read the full story.


How to make the perfect plant-based Pesach

Don’t miss our latest spring magazine, complete with delicious Pesach recipes More and more people are on the hunt for alternatives to eggs over Pesach. Whether you are steering clear because of an allergy, intolerance or ethics – mass cruelty is endemic in modern production, here are our Director Lara’s top tips for a delicious […]


Our new spring magazine, complete with how-to-guide for the perfect plant-based Passover

Click here to read our latest magazine, hot off the press. With Pesach just around the corner, we have a special how-to-guide for the perfect plant-based Passover on page 6, plus a selection of tasty recipes in our cookery section, starting on page 16. Our website has plenty more recipes for you to enjoy. […]


Make an omelette without breaking hens

It is that time of year when boxes of eggs are piled high in Jewish homes, in readiness for a frenzy of Pesach cooking and baking. In getting ready to celebrate the festival of freedom, we ought to give some thought to the way these eggs are produced. Today’s industrial processes bear no resemblance to […]


‘There is no kosher meat’: the Israelis full of zeal for going vegan

There’s a wildcard option that some Israeli Jews have started using when they can’t find a restaurant with a kosher certificate: vegan food. Fresh fruits, vegetables and grains are, by most accounts, naturally kosher and as the mixing of dairy and meat is forbidden in Judaism, a safe choice is to eat somewhere that avoids both. […]

Eco Syn 1

EcoSynagogue launches in London

A new organisation has been formed called Eco Synagogue, stemming from Eco Church. Launched on Tu B’Shevat, it was created to help synagogues become more environmentally friendly, in areas such as solar panels; double glazing; switching to green energy suppliers; using Fairtrade tea and coffee; environmentally friendly, organic foods and any other initatives that can […]


First book on animals in the fashion industry launching in May 2018!

Joshua Katcher, easily the most influential men’s designer in the realm of vegan fashion, is about to publish his first book – Fashion Animals. ‘It’s 2018 and the scale of animal exploitation in fashion continues to grow. The fashion industry has an intentionally hidden history of staggering, global impacts on animals and the environment, from […]


New app launched to help vegans keep track of nutrition

The Vegan Society has recently announced the launch of a handy nutrition app designed to help vegans hit their nutritional targets every day by providing an easy-to-use checklist and personalised tips. VNutrition is aimed at new vegans, those trying out veganism or those who want to assess the quality of a well-established vegan diet. It was […]


Veganism has gone mainstream

Our Director’s latest piece in the Jewish Chronicle: As Veganuary comes to an end, have you been inspired to eat a plant-based diet, especially with Tu b’shvat on the horizon? It’s official, veganism has landed. Supermarkets are rushing to bring out vegan ranges. Tesco has really pushed the boat out, enlisting the help of former […]


Vegan delights at Boxpark, London

To celebrate one of London’s fastest growing food trends, Veganuary, Boxpark is pleased to announce a number of delicious, vegan dishes that will be available at both Shoreditch and Croydon. From Indian, Brazilian to Italian and Turkish, there will be a huge variety of vegan dishes bursting with flavour for those trying out a vegan […]

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