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Virtual abattoir shortlisted for Raindance award

Animal Equality’s iAnimal film, featuring Amanda Abbington, shortlisted for Raindance VRX award. Groundbreaking virtual reality film allows viewers to experience life – and death – through the eyes of a factory farmed chicken London (August 15, 2017) – iAnimal: 42 days in the life of a chicken, a fully immersive virtual reality experience produced by […]


Illustrated guide for plant-based living on its way!

Simple Happy Kitchen is a 100% illustrated book explaining plant-based nutrition in a light-hearted, easy to understand way. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to take a step towards this lifestyle, and to those who are already there and want to know more. It helps people live better, healthier, compassionate and easier-to-maintain lives. ‘We take […]

NAIROBI, KENYA- FEBRUARY 6, 2014: Ripe fruits stacked at a local fruit and vegetable market on February 6, 2014. Nairobi, Kenya. The market is frequently visited by locals and tourists.

How to stay vegan on holiday – from marinara pizza to Kuala Lumpur rice balls

Animal-free eating is now mainstream in the UK, but it can still be a challenge in other countries, writes Liz Dodd in the Guardian. ritish veganism long ago moved from grain sacks and carob bars at the back of health-food shops into the mainstream. But animal-free eating can still be a challenge abroad, when the language […]


Making veggies centre stage – the Jewish Chronicle

Worried that an all-veg diet would be boring? Victoria Prever has some ideas for you! Vegetarian and vegan food is far from boring. It’s full of colour and flavour. If you are on a vegetable only diet, here are a few suggestions to keep your meals exciting: Silvia Nacamulli puts an Oriental spin on her broccoli […]


Animal rights & veganism discussed on BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze for 45 minutes

Click here to listen to Wednesday 2nd August’s Moral Maze on BBC Radio 4, presented by Michael Buerk. One of the less predictable arguments to result from Brexit concerns the rights and wrongs of chlorine-washed chickens. Perhaps chlorinated-chicken-gate made many people feel temporarily smug about UK standards of animal welfare, compared with those in other parts […]


Seasonality of fruit & vegetables chart


Entering the post-milk era:

Why the Advertising Standards Agency ruling shows we are moving past dairy. Click here to read the full piece on Huffington post by Zephie Begolo from ProVeg.


Veganism discussed on the BBC

Following the news that the Advertising Standards Agency has approved an advert which labelled milk ‘inhumane’, the BBC assembled a panel to discuss veganism. Click here to watch (fast forward to 1:48:00.

June 2017

Brand new magazine out now

Click here to read our latest magazine. What a busy few months it has been! In May we hosted our 52nd Annual General Meeting. A big thank you to Ori Shavit, who joined us live from Israel via Skype to talk about her role in building the vegan movement as well as the many fantastic […]


Rabbi Challenges Synagogues to Go Vegan

Acclaimed rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz will award $25,000 to synagogues that pledge to ditch animal products. Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz recently launched the Synagogue Vegan Challenge—a competition that will award $25,000 to synagogues that commit to hosting at least one vegan event every month for one year. The program will select five Jewish houses of worship in […]

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