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Mural of Miriam, Moses, Yocheved and Bat-Pharoah / Bat-Ya from the incredible Dura Europos Synagogue in Syria, 244 CE.

Seder night with Yelala (1st night – virtual seder)

Even at this distance, let’s sit together and tell a story. The same story that we tell every year with the unfurling of the Spring, at the full moon festival of Passover. At this time we tell a tale of an ancient People who lived in constriction and fear, and who danced their way to […]

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Veganise your seder plate

‘Pesach actually turned me vegan’, writes Kohenet Yael Tischler… Four years ago I decided to be vegan for the duration of Pesach. My thought process was this: Pesach is about liberation/oppression. We embody that through our food choices (no leavened bread for a whole eight days!). So, it made sense to be vegan for the […]

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Six vegan Seder recipes

There’s enough to worry about this Pesach without panicking over what to cook for your plant-based eating guest, writes the Jewish Chronicle. If you are making your first Seder with a vegan at your table, you may well be fretting a litte. Fear not – there’s enough to worry about with this darned coronavirus – […]

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Vegan Seder? We’ve got your back…

The flour had barely settled after Purim’s hamantaschen-fest when thoughts turned to planning Pesach. It’s likely more of us than ever will be sharing our Seders, or at least one Passover meal, with vegan friends or family. It’s no easy task for those new to veganism — amplified when pasta and pies are off-limits. Take […]

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How Queen Esther inspired recipes…

This new, plant-based cookbook is as nourishing for the mind as it is for our bodies – writes Victoria Prever in the Jewish Chronicle… Ever wondered what the women of the bible would choose to eat? Would Eve nosh up an apple crumble? What would be on Rebekah or Ruth’s menus? Food blogger, Kenden Alfond, […]


Queen Esther the Vegan by Kohenet Yael Tischler

I’ve always loved the story of Queen Esther.  When I was a kid, I did what many young girls do on Purim – I dressed up as her, looking up to her as a Jewish superhero princess, hoping one day I’d be like her.  Now my understanding of Esther is much more complicated, but I […]

Winter Pilau (c) David Loftus

Thinking of going vegan, and looking for some inspiration?

Here are our Director Lara’s top tips for making the transition: Start with dishes you know and love Find a community – meet some vegans (come to JVS, join the Jewish Vegans page on Facebook / meetups) Try new ingredients Do some nutritional research, I would recommend the Vegan Society and Veganuary’s websites. Look in […]

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2nd night Seder at JVS, 9th April – tickets now on sale!

Come and retell the story of our ancestors’ liberation at a warm and friendly non-denominational seder, with a home-grown created-by-the-community atmosphere, and a sumptuous creative menu designed by our vegan chefs Tallie Samuels and Zoe Marks. Our Seder and your contributions will be woven together by Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid, who will bring together your […]


Joaquin Phoenix’s graphic Oscars speech sparks debate about animal welfare

After his first Academy Award win, the actor spoke about human compassion when it comes to the environment and the food industry. Read the full story here on


New healthy vegan meal delivery service Planty – special intro offer inside

Looking for an easy way to switch to eating more vegan meals that are healthy and delicious? Take a look at Planty – chef-prepared meals that are fresh-frozen, they are convenient & tasty during a busy day while having a positive impact on the environment. We’ve got a treat for you! Use code ‘JVS40’ for […]

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