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vegan chocolate ice creams

Vegan chocolate ice creams

This recipe is from Violife.

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Struggles bound up together: Making animal rights intersectional

Alfie Ferguson, lauren Ornelas, Kohenet Yael Tischler (JVS) and Sara Eifler (JewishVeg) discuss how the animal rights movement can be actively anti-racist and inclusive…


Jewish ecotheology with Rav Kohenet Rabbi Jill Hammer, Phd.

Rav Kohenet Rabbi Jill Hammer, Phd., co-founder of the Kohenet Institute, teaches about the Sabbatical and Jubilee years, as well as our interrelationship with the Earth…


Red kites thriving in England 30 years after reintroduction

In July 1990, 13 red kites had to be flown by British Airways jet from Spain before they could grace the skies of the Chilterns. Thirty years on, nearly 2,000 breeding pairs of red kites display their distinctive forked tails as they soar over virtually every English county, in what has been hailed as one […]


Plant-based diets can promote healthy aging, says new article in nutritional journal

Plant-based diets can promote healthy aging, according to a new editorial published in a nutritional journal. The article, titled Plant-Based Diets for Healthy Aging, appears in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. You can read the full story on Plant-Based News.


Are coconut products ethical? Thai monkey labour exposed

A recent animal rights investigation claims that two of the biggest coconut milk producers in Thailand force monkeys to pick their coconuts. As a result, a number of retailers—including several major UK supermarkets—have pledged to stop selling products from these companies. Thai officials dispute the claims that the coconut industry abuses monkeys and uses their […]

dog paw

Lewis Hamilton reveals his dog is now ‘fully vegan and super happy’

Lewis Hamilton has revealed his dog Roscoe is now ‘fully vegan’ – and is ‘super happy’. The Formula 1 champion shared the news via the British Bulldog’s Instagram account. The breed famously suffers from a slew of health issues, due to years and years of inbreeding to achieve specific characteristics. These include breathing problems, heart defects, and autoimmune […]


UN report links factory farming to increased pandemic risk

A new United Nations (UN) report sets out ways to prevent future pandemics – and lists intensive farming as a risk factor. The report, Preventing the Next Pandemic: Zoonotic diseases and how to break the chain of transmission, was collated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). You can read the […]


Vegan film platform launches listing over 200 movies

A new film platform sharing 200 vegan-interest movies launched this week. VegMovies lists movies with ‘a vegan message, a vegan character, the goal of reducing or exposing animal suffering and exploitation, a focus on climate change, or a focus on sustainability that does not specifically recommend consuming or exploiting animals’. You can read the full […]


JVS Live videos now on our website…

Missed the latest JVS Live? Had such a great time that you want to watch it over again? All the videos of our past JVS Lives are now online here, for your viewing pleasure. Each time there’s a new JVS Live video, we’ll share it here, too.  

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