5 free food apps helping you eat well this New Year


With a new year comes new resolutions, and for most of us, after overindulging during the holidays it means attempting new, healthier eating habits. However, as time has gone on we have become more and more skeptical of ‘diets’ and are keen to find new ways to eat well without restricting or jumping into something faddy.

It’s no longer about simply losing weight; with Veganuary upon us and the desire to stay sociable into the new year, we’re becoming more open to simply trying out new and alternative ways to enjoy food.

Here are 5 free food apps you’ve never heard of that are helping us eat well this January…


Imagine you have a friend that has tried every dish, at every restaurant. You could ask this friend the best place to eat your favourite dish, what to order at a particular restaurant or what new things you absolutely have to try, anywhere in the world. Eaten is that friend. This app allows you to create, curate, and share reviews of the dishes you have tried along the way – and discover the best dishes recommended by others. So whether you’re looking to search for a healthy sashimi salad or a dirty cheeseburger, you’ll find your fix quickly and easily.

Forks Over Knives

Going vegan is becoming increasingly popular as a healthy lifestyle choice, but people are often put off lack of choice and difficulty in preparing vegan food options. Forks Over Knives is a plant-based recipe app with hundreds of easy-to-prepare dishes to help you eat and live healthier. Not only has Forks Over Knives released a documentary about the plant-based journey, there are recipes books and the website is full of the latest research, recipes, and tools to help vegans of 2019 stick to their resolution..



It’s all very well setting-out for a healthier lifestyle in 2019, but without understanding how food and diet works, it may be a lost cause. Fooducate Nutrition Tracker helps you to understand the food your consuming, looking beyond the calories to help you lose weight, while eating real food.



If you feel like clearing your conscious in 2019, this is the app for you. Eating well isn’t just about eating healthy – OLIO connects neighbours with each other and with local shops in order to share surplus food and other items, reducing food waste and helping to look after the environment.


If you love food and travelling, Eatwith is the perfect way to discover culinary experiences and eat with locals around the world. Whether you’re looking for an dinner party in your home city or looking for food tours while on holiday, download this app for immersive food experiences that offer a side of culture and atmosphere with all dishes.


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