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It has been a remarkable year for JVS, building the world’s first Jewish, vegan centre.

Given that our name is The Jewish Vegetarian Society, we often get asked – ‘Why the move from vegetarianism to veganism?’

For us it is simple: Food production is a world away from what it was half a century ago when the JVS was formed. The way we produce dairy and eggs today causes a great deal of suffering. We know more and more about the harm and degradation caused by animal agriculture – to human health, our planet and animals.

This has resulted in an evolution for JVS, and in recent years have been holding veganism up as the diet most in line with Jewish values, and I am pleased to say that we have had strong support for this from Rabbis from across the religious spectrum, and across the globe.

With major building work now behind us, the time has come for JVS to enter a new era, and update its name to reflect our new vision: Veganism is a mainstream lifestyle choice in the Jewish community.

We are very keen to hear your suggestions. What do you think we should be called? We are excited to hear from you, please email me directly: [email protected] with your ideas by 31st December 2018.


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JVS: Jewish - Vegan - Sustainable
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