JVS response to JW3’s decision to add meat to menu of their restaurant Zest


JW3 recently announced their decision to add meat to the menu of their restaurant Zest. JVS contacted both the Jewish Chronicle and the Jewish News to offer a different perspective.

Below is a summary of our thoughts on the matter.

Why are we still serving up cruelty? Worse still, why are we celebrating it?

JW3 last week announced with pride that their restaurant Zest will be transformed in to the first kosher premises in the country serving both milk and meat, in separate parts of the building.

We imagine a great deal of time, effort and thought has gone into this project; no doubt, there have been hours of meetings with the Sephardi Kashrut Authority, the authorising body.

We are left wondering why a self-styled forward-thinking and inclusive institution such as JW3 has put no effort into sourcing food that aligns with Jewish values, and instead has opted to serve meals that directly contravene Torah teachings, including veal and lamb.

We invite JW3 and others to get in touch with us for advice on taking cruelty off the menu, and replacing it with healthy and compassionate alternatives.

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