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With Pesach just around the corner, we have a special how-to-guide for the perfect plant-based Passover on page 6, plus a selection of tasty recipes in our cookery section, starting on page 16. Our website has plenty more recipes for you to enjoy.

We are delighted to announce that our much-anticipated building project is now well underway, after some severe delays. We are just a few short months away from opening the world’s first Jewish vegan and eco hub. See page 4 for more details.

Our joint Rabbinic Statement that we produced with US-based Jewish Veg is gathering pace. The Guardian recently wrote a feature about the growing Rabbinic support for veganism, referencing our statement and one of our Patrons Rabbi David Rosen.

Elsewhere in the Jewish community there has been a very exciting development – the launch of Eco Synagogue, which took place last month. Dr Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, helped set up the Eco Church and was on hand to launch the Eco Synagogue alongside JVS Patron Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg (see page 10).

There have been so many developments in the vegan movement in the last quarter, it can be hard to keep up, see the latest on page 12. Perhaps the most exciting of all is news of leather, milk and meat being developed in America and Israel without the use of animals. You can read more on our website, which is updated daily with news and features.

Wishing all of our readers and supporters a happy and kosher Pesach,

Lara Balsam
Director, Jewish Vegetarian Society

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