WATCH: Dr Alex Hershaft talks at the Jewish Museum


World renowned animal activist and holocaust survivor Dr Alex Hershaft spoke to a packed crowed at the Jewish Museum in an event organised by ourselves and ProVeg.

Dr Hershaft recounted the story of his moving and tragic childhood, being forced to move in to Warsaw Ghetto and surviving by being snuck out by his gentile housekeeper.  Much of his family where killed and he ended up moving to the USA after the war.  He talked about how his experiences sensitised him to all forms of suffering but whilst he felt there was little he could do about human suffering, by becoming vegan he can save 100 animal lives a year, and if he can convince ten people to become vegan he can save 1000 etc.

Dr Hershaft has dedicated his adult life to social justice causes founding his organisation the Farm Animal Rights Movement in 1981 which he still runs today.

Nothing can be more powerful than hearing Dr Hershaft in his own words, the entire talk including a Q&A can be watched below.



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