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Meat tax ‘inevitable’ as society becomes more concerned about impact on health and enviroment

In future meat could be subjected to the similar levies to tobacco and carbon emissions, report says. Read the full story here.

Image 31. Rabbi J Wittenberg

Animal sentience, a Jewish perspective from Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg

On 5 November the British Parliament voted by 313 votes to 295 not to transfer European protocol on animal sentience into UK law. It is argued that this was merely a procedural matter; the government considered the issue sufficiently covered under pre-existing British legislation. It is certainly fair to say that this was not a […]


Fighting for animal sentience to be recognised

With the smallest of margins the UK government has voted this week that animals are not sentient beings as part of the Brexit withdrawal bill. The vote means that animals will no longer be recognised as being capable of feeling emotions such as joy and compassion, but also fear, suffering and terror. ‘“There can only […]


The UK’s first ever vegan ‘Mylk Man’ service comes to London

Whilst traditional milkmen are becoming a thing of the past in the UK, there’s a new milk delivery service in town that’s delivery dairy-free milks straight to your door. Read the full story here on Vegan Food &

Butternut Squash CROPPED

Carluccio’s launches veggie pop-up

Carluccio’s gets a green makeover this month with its first ever exclusively vegetarian pop-up, featuring over 20 Italian veggie and vegan dishes from Antonio Carluccio, in collaboration with cook, food blogger and writer Anna Barnett. From 23 October for four consecutive Mondays (reflecting the Meat Free Monday non-for-profit campaign that encourages people to make an environmental difference and improve […]


Meat eaters are destroying the planet, says new report launched at the Extinction and Livestock Conference

Meat consumption is devastating some of the world’s most valuable and vulnerable regions, due to the vast amount of land needed to produce animal feed, a report has warned. Click here to read the full story by Harriet Agerholm on the Independent.

Great news for animals, Gucci commits to going fur-free

The global fashion house has announced it will no longer use animal fur, beginning with its spring summer 2018 collection. Gucci’s President & CEO Marco Bizzarri made the announcement during the 2017 Kering Talk at The London College of Fashion. Read the full story here from Eluxe Magazine.


Richard Branson: ‘In the near future, we’ll think it’s “archaic” to kill animals for food’

In August, Richard Branson wrote a post on the Virgin website about his investment in Memphis Meats, which expressed his vision about the future of food: “I believe that in 30 years or so we will no longer need to kill any animals and that all meat will either be clean or plant-based, taste the same and also […]


Google’s Executive Chairman predicts: “Vegan revolution is coming”

The Executive Chairman of Google‘s parent company Alphabet, Eric Schmidt, has spoken out in support of the growing vegan movement, stating that a vegan revolution is coming. Excitingly, he said that the move away from animal products and towards plant-based protein is the ‘number one game changing trend of the future.’ And, given that we are increasingly aware of the disastrous […]


Morgan Spurlock is back with Super Size Me 2…

And this time he has got his sights set firmly on the chicken industry. Click here for the full story.

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