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Supermarket chain Iceland set to launch first ‘bleeding’ vegan burger in UK

Vegans have got bleeding burgers coming out of their ears. There’s the Moving Mountains ‘bleeding’ B12 burger, which has just started selling in the UK at iconic veggie restaurant, Mildreds. Then there’s the Impossible Burger, which is currently on sale in the US. And now? Well, now there’s the No Bull Burger, which is the […]


Greenpeace launches its Food for Thought campaign

Greenpeace is encouraging the public to eat less meat and more veggies: ‘We all want to live in a world with clean water, lush forests, and abundant and nutritious food. For our friends and families to be able to thrive on a healthy planet. But our future and our children’s future is threatened by industrial meat […]


This futuristic startup could disrupt the dairy industry

While most of the other prominent cellular agriculture startups are focusing on meat (Memphis Meats, Super Meat, Mosa Meats), Perfect Day is focused on disrupting the dairy industry The US-based startup just announced the completion of their $24.7 million dollar Series A round, making another strong statement for the cellular agriculture industry. Click here to read the full story.

Over half of all UK meat plants have breached hygiene rules

On average, 16 major failings recorded every week over the past three years. Almost two-thirds of audited meat plants in breach of safety rules in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The scale of food safety and hygiene problems in meat plants around much of the UK is revealed by new analysis showing more than half […]


How Modern Meadow is fabricating the animal-free leather of the future

New Jersey startup Modern Meadow is bio-fabricating a leather substitute that’s eerily like the real thing–without the environmental footprint In a 72,900-square-foot former pharmaceutical facility in Nutley, New Jersey, test tubes sit atop lab tables crowded with microscopes and trays of materials. Out in the main area, huge fermentation vats churn. This is not what […]


Israel joins America in offering lower insurance premiums to vegans

Growing evidence shows the health benefits of plant-based diets. Last year US insurance company HealthIQ started offering vegans lower life insurance, claiming their diet makes them healthier and therefore more likely to live longer. Now a company in Israel has started offering the country’s vegan population (five percent) a discount on its health plans. According to the […]


The Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat is coming to the UK this year

The Beyond Burger™ has taken the world by storm with it’s meaty texture and taste, as well as the fact that it appears to ‘bleed’ when cooked thanks to the addition of beetroot to give the burger it’s pink colour. Beyond Meat believe that the best way to get people to eat less meat is […]


The world’s top 100 nutritious foods are revealed, most are vegan

‘After analysing more than 1,000 raw foods, researchers ranked the ingredients that provide the best balance of your daily nutritional requirements – and they found a few surprises.’ – The top two, and many others are plant-based. See the full story on the BBC here.


Dairy milk sales set to drop by 11%

A recent report by global market researchers Mintel estimates dairy milk popularity will drop 11% in Western Europe by 2020. The report comes as plant-based milk sales rose 19.1% over the past year in Europe. Vegan milk sales in the U.S. also rose by 61% in the past five years. With a declining demand for dairy products, […]


Tesco launches own-brand vegan range amid rise in plant-based eating

Wicked Kitchen range includes 18 vegan-friendly ready meals along with wraps, sandwiches and salads. The vegan food revolution sweeping the UK has received a further boost as the largest own-brand supermarket range of 100% plant-based meals went on sale in 600 Tesco stores. From crispy carrot pastrami to sourdough pizza, the Wicked Kitchen range includes 18 vegan-friendly ready meals […]

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