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First ever World Plant Milk Day

Campaigners collaborate to take on the dairy industry For the first time, plant-based milk is to be celebrated with its own international awareness day. World Plant Milk Day, August 22nd, sees leading UK vegan and animal organisations ProVeg UK, Plant Based News, Animal Aid, Veganuary and Viva! come together for the first time to promote delicious […]


Zizzi, Tesco and Linda McCartney voted the vegans’ favourite companies!

Veganuary’s Great Big Vegan Food Survey Results: Zizzi, Tesco and Linda McCartney voted the vegans’ favourite companies! There is no doubt that plant-based eating is on the rise, and manufacturers, retailers and restaurants are making and selling vegan fare like never before. To find out which companies are getting it right, Veganuary – the charity […]


Factory farming puts humanity in danger, Prince Charles warns

British farms have been reduced to little more than factories and must be brought into greater harmony with the planet, the Prince of Wales said yesterday. Dwindling biodiversity and environmental crises risked “derailing humanity’s place on Earth for good”, the prince said as he claimed that science backed his vision of organic farming. He told […]


‘Milk is inhumane’ advert approved by Government watchdog

Advertising Standards Authority gives green light to Go Vegan World newspaper ad despite dairy industry outcry. An ad stating that “Humane milk is a myth” has been cleared by the regulator following complaints from members of the dairy industry that it was inaccurate and misleading. The national newspaper ad for Go Vegan World, a vegan campaign group, in February featured […]


New study links red meat consumption to at least nine diseases

A new study in the British Medical Journal found at least nine different causes of death associated with red meat—processed and unprocessed. Conducted by the National Cancer Institute in Maryland, the 16-year study tracked the eating habits of over 500,000 people between the ages of 50 and 71 and concluded that those consuming red meat had higher risks of […]


New group to tackle climate change

Understanding climate change is a “spiritual issue” and one the Jewish community must get to grips with, according to Rabbi Jeffrey Newman. The emeritus rabbi of Finchley Reform Synagogue is one of 20 community leaders, academics, and lay people behind a new group set up to manage the Jewish response to the issue. He said: […]


Argentinian President Institutes Vegan Mondays

The meat-centric country’s presidential cabinet feasts on plant-based foods at least once a week to reduce the environmental impact of animal agriculture. Last week, Argentina’s Casa Rosada (the equivalent of the White House in the United States) announced its commitment to strictly serving vegan food on Mondays. The 554 employees of the Casa Rosada, including President Mauricio […]

Meat consumption a “major public health concern”, says new report

A damning report has described meat consumption as a “major public health concern”. The ‘Meat the Truth’ report unveils how harmful eating meat really is and claims if people knew the facts, they wouldn’t take the risk. It includes ground-breaking scientific evidence that shows meat offers no health benefits and is linked to Britain’s biggest killers […]


Israel’s First Vegan Supermarket Opens in Tel Aviv

Opened in the Carmel Market, Green Wave is the country’s first vegan supermarket. Veganism in Israel has come a long way, from a strange phenomenon perceived as a passing trend to a movement that has gained such resonance it has become the gospel for some. One thing seems sure – it is here to stay. The […]


New Research Says 25% of New Zealanders Will Cut Meat By 2025

A quarter of New Zealanders expect to be ‘mostly’ meat-free by 2025, according to a new survey. The research, carried out by veggie company Bean Supreme, saw 1,000 people quizzed about their dietary habits. One in five (21 per cent) said they chose to go meat-free for more than half of their weekly evening meals. Click here […]

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