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A new farming future

From the Vegan Society: Vegetarian ‘beef’ farmer Jay has made the first step towards a more ethical and environmentally beneficial future by turning his cow farm into a stock-free one, thanks to the help of The Vegan Society’s Grow Green campaign. This is his, and our, story. A vegetarian beef farmer is an unlikely thought, […]


Rise of veganism featured on Radio 4 every day this week

A sign that times are changing – Radio 4’s Farming Today programme has devoted some time in each show this week to the rise of veganism. It’s broadcast at 5.45am and you can listen on catch-up: From this week: 24th April: The rise in veganism 25th April: Vegan alcoholic drinks 26th April: UK grown soya 27th April: First and […]


Orthodox Rabbis Warn Of ‘Moral And Spiritual Dangers’ Of Eating Meat

In an unprecedented statement, a group of Orthodox rabbis around the world, members of Torat Chayim, a progressive Orthodox rabbinic group, have called upon the broader Jewish community to consider the moral and spiritual dangers associated with meat consumption. In this statement, these members of Torat Chayim have called upon Jews of all persuasions, but […]

Hannah Style and fellow volunteers serve food to residents at Conway House Nigel Howard

Food for London: ‘Serving a food-waste feast to the homeless? It’s obvious’ Evening Standard

It was two years ago when dietitian Hannah Style walked into her local Sainsbury’s in Kilburn and asked to speak to the manager. “Give me all your groceries that are going in the bin, all your misshapen vegetables and all the fresh food you haven’t sold and I will use it to feed the homeless,” […]


Could a tax on meat help us save the planet?

One of the best ways of tackling climate change and feeding the growing world population is also one of the simplest. Written by Simon Fairlie for the Guardian. Aday would come, Percy Shelley predicted in 1813, when “the monopolising eater of animal flesh would no longer destroy his constitution by eating an acre at a meal”. […]


Is Kosher Meat Always Moral? Asks Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz

My grandfather was a butcher. And though he has long since passed, I recall his passion for service and his love of animals, even though he thought that his obligation to the world was to use their flesh as food. The juxtaposition of a benign, kindly man flaying the flesh of an animal, their blood […]


Is any meat today kosher? asks Rabbi David Rosen, Times of Israel

When I served on the Cape Beth Din in South Africa, I had to join my colleagues in visiting the slaughterhouses and checking up on the shochtim. The kosher slaughterhouse in Cape Town was part of a general slaughterhouse complex enabling me to view the process of killing animals in both places. What I saw […]


‘Fake’ fur being sold on British high street is actually from cats, rabbits, and raccoon dogs, investigation reveals

“Fake” fur being sold on the high street is actually from cats, raccoon dogs and rabbits, an investigation has found. Items bought from popular stores Missguided and House of Fraser, which were labelled as faux fur, were found to be real after tests by a fibres expert. Sky News found that a pair of gloves […]


Guardian feature: Dairy is scary. The public are waking up to the darkest part of farming

The photo of calves in cramped pens will shock many, and with so many non-dairy alternatives now, consumers have a choice, writes Chas Newkey Burden for the Guardian. Photographs of industrial rows of cramped pens, each imprisoning a solitary calf, will shock those who still believe in the fairytale of the pastoral dairy farm, where […]


TV Special: Jewish vegan Simon Amstell’s comedy drama Carnage is out now

It’s 2067, the UK is vegan, but older generations are suffering the guilt of their carnivorous past. Simon Amstell asks us to forgive them for the horrors of what they swallowed in his new comedy drama Carnage. Click here to watch it on BBC iPlayer.    

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