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Nestlé launches plant-based Vuna with ‘rich flavour and flaky texture of tuna’

The Swiss company is making its first move into plant-based seafood with a six-ingredient vegan alternative to tuna: Vuna. Click here to read the full story.


ProVeg launches Veggie Challenge app for plant-based lifestyle

ProVeg has launched its free Veggie Challenge app to help even more people choose healthy, sustainable food. The app makes it easy to explore a vegan diet, try vegetarianism or simply reduce your meat consumption. As millions of people learn about the enormous benefits of eating more plants there has never been a better time […]


Pandemic Free World campaign launches

Jewish Veg launches campaign to prevent future pandemics. The national nonprofit organization Jewish Veg announced a multi-faceted campaign today to educate people about the causal connection between the COVID-19 pandemic and meat consumption. The campaign will help people transition to plant-based diets as an important step in reducing the likelihood of another, even worse pandemic. Called […]


UK demand for new vegan food products soars in lockdown

The number of trademarks registered for new vegan food and drink products in the UK more than doubled to a record high last year. Latest figures reveal that companies successfully applied for 107 trademarks in 2019 for everything from ice cream to meat-free burgers – a 128% increase on the 47 recorded in 2018 – […]


IKEA’s new meatier vegan meatballs to launch in September

On September 28, furniture retailer IKEA will add a new plant-based Swedish meatball to its bistro menu at stores nationwide. Dubbed the “plant ball,” the new option—which builds on an existing plant-based meatball that IKEA launched in 2015—is made from yellow pea protein, oats, potatoes, onion, and apple. The new plant ball carries a mere […]


One million mink killed to stop spread of Covid-19 on Dutch fur farms

To date, the Dutch government has killed one million mink in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 on fur farms in the Netherlands. On April 26, SARS-CoV-2—the virus that leads to COVID-19—was initially identified on two mink fur farms in the Netherlands and has since spread to 24 mink fur farms. While the […]

Vegan brand creates edible spoons to tackle plastic pollution

Vegan brand IncrEdible has created edible spoons to tackle plastic pollution. The cutlery, which is available in three savory and two sweet flavors including black pepper and chocolate, can stay firm for up to 20 minutes in hot foods (such as soup) and 50 minutes in cold food. You can read the full story on Plant-based News.


Vegan food company celebrates saving over 21,000 fish since Veganuary

An international vegan food brand has estimated that it has saved the equivalent of over 21,000 fish from our oceans in just six months, based on the equivalent weight of its new plant-based fish alternatives sold. The Fry Family Food Co. calculated that the total weight of its new fish-style fillets sold in Tesco, would […]


Red kites thriving in England 30 years after reintroduction

In July 1990, 13 red kites had to be flown by British Airways jet from Spain before they could grace the skies of the Chilterns. Thirty years on, nearly 2,000 breeding pairs of red kites display their distinctive forked tails as they soar over virtually every English county, in what has been hailed as one […]


Plant-based diets can promote healthy aging, says new article in nutritional journal

Plant-based diets can promote healthy aging, according to a new editorial published in a nutritional journal. The article, titled Plant-Based Diets for Healthy Aging, appears in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. You can read the full story on Plant-Based News.

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