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13 Black start-ups changing the food system

There are a number of Black-owned vegan startups that are actively working to revolutionize the country’s food system. From businesses looking to bring affordable plant-based foods to low-income communities to companies that provide healthier options to those battling food-related illnesses—here are 13 Black vegan startups that are looking to change the world through food. Read […]


Africa’s been at this vegetarian thing longer than most of the world

As vegan meat, dairy, and other alternatives gain an increased presence in Western supermarkets, one might get the idea that plant-based diets are something new. But in many regions across the globe, eating little to no meat has been a cornerstone of national cuisine. Africa is one example. For centuries prior to European colonization, food […]


Lidl is now selling vegan Beyond Burgers

Lidl stores in the UK are now selling California-based brand Beyond Meat’s vegan Beyond Burgers. A Sheffield-based shopper recently spotted the pea protein plant-based patties and took a photo. Vegan Food UK posted the image to its Instagram account. The burgers—priced at £3.99—are stocked in the freezer section. It’s not the first time Beyond Burgers have been […]


WeFil launches online shop

WeFil, North London’s own zero waste shop, is now online! Their website is full of delicious and useful waste-free offerings, including spices, grains, pulses, snacks and household cleaning and beauty products. Items come in exchangeable jars or reusable paper bags, which means that every order is plastic-free. All their products are vegan, ethically and sustainably […]


Plant-based diet could help tackle COVID-19, says T. Colin Campbell

Acclaimed plant-based health expert Dr. T. Colin Campbell says switching to a whole food plant-based diet could ‘produce a faster, safer, more comprehensive long-term solution for coping with viral diseases like COVID-19’. The prolific plant-based advocate – and author of The China Study – made the comments in a recent article titled Could Changing Our Diets Defeat COVID-19? published by the […]


Almost 70% Of Europeans ‘Open to changing their eating habits’ for the planet

Two-thirds (67 percent) of European consumers are open to changing their eating habits for environmental reasons, according to a new data. The report, One Bite At A Time: Consumers And The Transition To Sustainable Food, was collated by European consumer organization BEUC. Read the full story on Plant-based News.


Vegan brand Milkadamia urges consumers to ditch palm oil as demand skyrockets

Vegan milk brand milkadamia is urging the public to avoid palm oil as part of its Palm Spoiled campaign. The company, which has always eschewed from using palm oil in its nut-based milk and butter, has released a short video as part of its campaign showing the environmental impacts of palm oil production. “Demand for palm oil […]


Bad ass vegan stars in new film ‘They’re trying to kill us’ about racism and food justice

A new documentary starring prolific advocate Bad Ass Vegan (aka John Lewis) will focus on racism, disease, and food justice. The film, titled They’re Trying To Kill Us, is the follow-up to the smash-hit movie What The Health. Produced by Keegan Kuhn (Cowspiracy, What The Health) and John Lewis (Badass Vegan, Vegan Smart), the film ‘focuses on food (in)justice told through […]


Researchers Warn Amazon Fires Will Be ‘As Bad If Not Worse’ Than Last Year’s

Fires in the Brazilian Amazon will be ‘as bad, if not worse’ than last year’s – researchers have warned. In August last year, the Amazon Rainforest was reported to have been ‘burning down at record pace’ – with a slew of major news outlets linking the blazes to beef farming. Read the full story on Plant-based News.


5 LGBTQIA+ vegans to follow this Pride month

Vevolution introduces us to 5 incredible queer vegans to follow and celebrate this Pride Month, including author Christopher Sebastian McJetters, activist and vegan food connoisseur Fat Gay Vegan, and cookery book writer Jack Monroe. Read the full story on Vevolution. Happy Pride!

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