Children inspiring parents to try a plant-based diet and become more eco-friendly


After finding that one in three adults have been inspired to be more eco-friendly by their children, a leading vegan food brand has launched a selection of everyday tips for beginners looking to change their habits.

According to a study of 2,000 Brits by plant-based food company The Fry Family Food Co., over half of UK families now talk about the environment more than ever before, and 80 per cent have come away from these conversations feeling encouraged to do more to help reduce their environmental impact.

The study showed that one in three Brits are now making an effort to eat less meat in order to be more eco-friendly, as well as taking inspiration from other family members. In fact, 86 per cent of households with at least one vegetarian or vegan member are likely to discuss plant-based eating with loved ones.

Other family discussions focus on how everyone can do their bit to help slow the course of climate change, including using less plastic (45 per cent), reducing food waste (44 per cent) and being more conscientious with recycling (33 per cent).

Off the back of the findings, The Fry Family Food Co. has launched a downloadable sustainability guide, including simple tips for families to try at home to help make the household a little greener – from swapping chicken breasts for plant-based chicken-style strips, to installing a water butt for self-sufficient gardening.

The sustainability guide can be downloaded at

Tammy Fry, international marketing director at The Fry Family Food Co, said: “We were delighted to hear that so many Brits are discussing the environment more than ever before – and that our children are playing a huge role in instigating these conversations.

“Making moves to be more environmentally conscious needn’t be another line on an endless to-do list, which is why all the tips in our new sustainability guide take less than 10 minutes to execute. As a busy mum myself, I know how quickly the day can get away from you!

“Family dinner times play an important role in helping to create a more environmentally friendly future, but they’re also a great place to discuss our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. In fact, we found over half of those surveyed agreed they learn more about their child and their views at the family kitchen table than at any other time.

“It really is so much more than just a place to eat – we truly believe we can change the world from our kitchen tables. With the help of our new sustainability guide we hope to inspire families all over the UK to take a few small steps that could help make a huge impact on the environment.”

Fry’s award-winning plant-based meat alternatives include chicken-style nuggets, tenders, burgers and strips, sausage-style rolls and hot dogs, beef-style burgers, and a selection of classic pies, including country mushroom and pepper steak-style. For more information, or to download the sustainability guide, visit

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