Invitation to take part on research into Jewish veganism

You are invited to help with research on Jewish veganism, being carried out by Ellie Atayee-Bennett.
Ellie is looking for research participants for her PhD, which explores Jewish, Christian, and Muslim vegans in the UK at the University of Southampton:
‘I am looking for 12 Jewish vegans (ideally 6 female and 6 male). Requirements:
– You identify as Jewish
– You identify as vegan
– You are over 18
– You live in the UK and have done so for at least 5 years
Participation involves:
– A 1-1 interview with myself online
– Joining a private, closed, online group where we will discuss relevant topics
– Keeping a diary
I would ask questions relating to your experience in the interview, then we would remain in contact for another couple of months to enable me to build a picture of the “everyday” experience. This is very much flexible for what works for you.
This research has been granted ethics approval from the University of Southampton.’
If you are interested in taking part, please email Ellie directly: [email protected]

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