New children’s book: Speaking truthfully to children about food choices


What would the world look like if we spoke truthfully to children about food choices?  Mothers and authors, Erika and Keziah, who are raising their children on a plant-based diet have written a book called “Livi and the story of the sausage roll.”

“Livi and the story of the sausage roll,” follows a girl named Livi and her crew of animal and planet loving children. Livi, lives in the city with her family, her mother, father, brother and her beloved dog Abba. Livi loves animals and nature and want everyone to live in peace with each other. What makes Livi a bit special?  She has vegan superpowers. Powers which in essence, is love. Love for all beings. Livi’s superpowers mean she has decided to not eat animals, instead she eats plants. Livi wants you to know that by doing this not only do you grow big and strong but you also save a lot of animals and our planet. Throughout the book, you join Livi on an adventure throughout life as she questions everyday things that we often maybe take for granted.

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