2nd night Seder at JVS, 9th April – tickets now on sale!

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Come and retell the story of our ancestors’ liberation at a warm and friendly non-denominational seder, with a home-grown created-by-the-community atmosphere, and a sumptuous creative menu designed by our vegan chefs Tallie Samuels and Zoe Marks.

Our Seder and your contributions will be woven together by Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid, who will bring together your contributions, giving space for as many voices as possible to share in the retelling of the story. Favourite traditional songs and essential moments of the Seder will be accompanied by poetry, innovations, and ideas to chew over with friends old and new.

Our delicious dinner will be strictly Kosher for Pesach, with supervision from Rabbi Eliyahu Goldsobel.

Kids are encouraged to take part, but there’ll also be a designated area with toys for them if they need it.


Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid is co-founder of Yelala. She has led prayer, ritual, retreats and learning in collaboration with New London Synagogue, Grassroots Jews, Nisa Nashim, Alyth Gardens, Chabad Islington, Laviot, HaMakom and Open Talmud Project, and she is a co-founder of Moishe House London.

The Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute renews and revives knowledge of Jewish women’s spiritual leadership and practices from antiquity to the present day.

Talia Samuels is a vegan chef and owner of Tallie’s Cruelty-Free Kitchen, a catering business offering up crowd-pleasing plant based food for all occasions. She caters everything from big weddings to mid-week dinners, rural yoga retreats to supper clubs in vintage tearooms. Tallie’s cooking always celebrates readily available, simple ingredients, making vegan food accessible to us all. She is really excited to be catering our Seder night for a second year.

Zoe Marks (nomadicgreenchef) is a plant-based chef and food educator. She caters for parties, small events and. yoga retreats and is based at the Bonnington cafe on Sundays. She facilitates healthy eating cookery sessions for a number of charities and community food projects, including ‘Made in Hackney’ and ‘Healthy Living platform’. Zoe uses colourful, seasonal ingredients and interesting flavour combinations to make vibrant, healthy plant-based dishes from scratch.

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