Are veggies the key 
to campus kashrut? JC 30 Aug 2019

Roasted pepper fajitas make a fun, vegan meal. Photo: Dan Jones (from 15 minute vegan on a budget)

Mazel tov if you’re off to university – if you’re fretting about keeping kosher away from home, read on…

Keeping kashrut at university will mean investing in milky and meaty sets of pans, chopping boards and utensils plus paying premium prices for the kosher meat itself.

To halve that initial outlay, you could eat vegan or vegetarian while living away from home. Plus, you’ll save on space — an important consideration when you need to store your entire culinary kit in a small box in a corner of your bedroom. You may also find your food costs are considerably lower, as the proteins can bump up those bills.

Katie Beskow, author of 15 Minute Vegan on a budget, advises shopping at fruit and vegetable markets for good prices on seasonal produce. “Markets are often useful for buying products in bulk to batch-cook” she says. But don’t ignore supermarkets as they can provide some substantial savings, if you know where to look. “In large supermarkets, store-cupboard essentials like chickpeas, green lentils, coconut milk, tahini, soy sauce, rice, and egg-free noodles are often remarkably cheaper in the world food aisle.”

Click here to read the full story in the Jewish Chronicle by Victoria Prever

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