Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy ice cream coming to the UK


Ben & Jerry’s are set to launch a vegan range of ice creams here in the UK, following rave reviews in America. This follows recent news from Haagen-Dazs – who are launching 4 non-dairy flavours.

Great news for dairy cows whose lives are cut short to just 5 years, when they should live for around 20-25 years. Typically calves are separated from their mothers just hours after birth, and sent to be turned in to veal, whilst the milk that is meant for the calves goes on to supermarket shelves. It is full of hormones and other unhealthy components. Farmers reporting hearing the cows cry for their calves. Their misery doesn’t end there as they are destined to spend their lives confined in crates, and forcibly impregnated on loop until they are sent for slaughter – this happens as soon as their milk production start to decrease.

Thank you to Ben & Jerrys and Haaga-Dazs for offering a kinder alternative to traditional ice cream. They join a long list of dairy-free ice creams that are incredibly tasty:

Swedish Glace​
The Coconut Collaborative​
Frill the Frozen Smoothie​
Almond Dream​
The Fry Family Food Co. UK​

Don’t forget to take a look at supermarket’s own brand ranges. You could also try making your own, here are some fantastic recipes.


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