Our Team

The Jewish Vegetarian Society is led by a full-time Director and supported by a Board of Trustees, as well as Patrons worldwide.

JVS Director and Editor of The Jewish Vegetarian: Lara Smallman [[email protected]]

Trustees: Michael Freedman, Dan Jacobs, Ben Rose

Honorary Treasurer: Michael Freedman

Patrons: Rabbi David Rosen (Israel), Stanley Rubens (Australia), Rabbi Raymond Apple (Israel), Justice Zvi Berenson (Israel), Professor Louis Berman (USA), Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen (Israel), Professor Alex Hershaft (USA), Dr Michael Klaper (USA), Mordechai Ben Porat (Israel), Professor Richard Schwartz (USA), Roberta Kalechofsky (USA), Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg (UK).



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Jewish Vegetarian Society
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