New Israeli Piece of Peace campaign launch

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Piece of Peace in the Middle East

A journey towards peace… And it includes vegan food.

On World Vegan Day (November 1, 2021), the Israeli Freedom Farm Sanctuary launches a new campaign, Piece of Peace, to encourage people to dispel differences to unite in support of farm animal rights. The non-profit organization will host a month of celebrations across Israel, the unofficial vegan capital of the world.

The Farm Sanctuary is taking their message from their fields, filled with animals rescued from the food industry, to the streets with a mobile vegan food truck that will travel across Israel, dishing out delectable vegan dishes while engaging residents in conversations about peace through food choices. Stops include Lod, Haifa, Jaffa, and Ashdod. It will also be a celebration of the global vegan culinary epicenter that Israel has become, sharing a range of foods traditionally made from animals, such as shawarma, but updated to delectable plant-based recipes.

Adit Romano, Freedom Farm Sanctuary’s co-founder, explains: “This journey calls upon people from all sectors of society to put aside our arguments for just a moment and observe those who depend on us, especially animals. Imagine what our life could be like if we opened our hearts to those who are different from us. If we wish to remove violence from our lives a good place to start from is our plates. Peace begins on our plates.”

Food has always been a thread that unites humans, regardless of religion, ethnicity, or political beliefs. The Farm Sanctuary is internationally recognized and supported for its commitment to peace through food. It has become a visionary center for people worldwide to see the work of the farm as a tool for peace, despite the violence in the region.

“Freedom Farm Sanctuary’s work is to expand the circle of compassion towards animals. Our most fundamental motivation is the love of humans and recognition of the inherent good in every one of us”, says Meital Ben Ari, co-founder of the organization.

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