In Spain, vegan meat is gaining a presence in supermarkets


Vegan meat is rising in popularity across Spain for a number of reasons, including environmental concerns regarding animal protein, writes Audrey Enjoli for Live Kindly:

‘In Spain, vegan meat is growing in both presence and popularity.

There are a few reasons for this, including meat shortages amid the pandemic. According to market research firm IRI, plant-based meat sales increased by 454 percent amid the pandemic compared to 2019.

Marc Coloma, the CEO of vegan meat brand Heura Foods, tells LIVEKINDLY that plant-based foods are also growing in popularity throughout Spain for environmental and health reasons too, similar to many other parts of the world.

“Until recently, Spain ranked second in Europe for meat consumption per capita,” he says. “But growing awareness about the impact that meat consumption has on our environment, as well as a desire to make healthier choices, has led to this incredible boom in the plant-based industry worldwide. And Spain is no exception.”’

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