Top tips for going veggie

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Did you spot the 100% veggie food section in last week’s Jewish Chronicle?

Our Director Lara shared her top tips for going veggie, which you can see below, alongside three fantastic, simple recipes from the wonderful Silvia Nacamulli:

Tofu ‘steak’ with sweet chilli sauce

Seared sesame asparagus

1) Give yourself time to cook, especially at the beginning. Making vegetables centre stage will require planning at first.
2) Start with cuisines that naturally lend themselves to vegan cooking – Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Israeli.
3) Stock up on whole grains, beans, spice, fresh herbs, seasonal fruit and veg.
4) Give meat substitutes a go, Fry’s do a fantastic range of burgers, sausages, schnitzels. Also great vegan options from Linda McCartney and Quorn.
5) Invest in a great all-round vegan cookbook / download a selection of recipes.

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